January Wrap-Up

Here are my January #mileawhile milestones ...

Miles Walked on Purpose:  26.5
High/Low Temps for Walks:  55 degrees/-2 degrees
Longest Walk:  2.6 miles
Coolest Walking Spot:  Beaver Creek, Colorado (I was on foot while my family was on skis).  The walking paths were awesome and the views even more so.

Insights & Observations:  
January was about getting out there.  Except for our time in Colorado and a couple of glorious days in the mid-40s, it was cold.  And yet, not one of my walks was miserable.  I forgot how invigorating winter air can be.  I looked for opportunities to walk and found them.  On two occasions, I walked to meet friends with whom I had breakfast plans.  One evening, my husband drove to our son's hockey game, and I walked there.  I walked for a few errands as well:  post office, grocery store, and library book return.  These spots are close for me, but I don't usually choose to walk.  Hopefully, such choices will become habits.  

Looking Ahead:
So far the people who know about my #mileawhile challenge are my husband and children, one friend, one sister, and my 11 Instagram followers (which include my husband, my son, my sister, and one friend).  The goal for February is to spread the news a bit with the goal of 1) Inviting my friends and family members to join me for some of this year's miles.  2)  Encouraging any other interested parties to set their own #mileawhile challenge.